Bob GasparDr. Robert Gaspar has been involved in a wide range of sound and vibration applications since 1975. He joined the faculty in 1983 and specializes in both environmental impact issues and practical applications associated with automotive noise, vibration and harshness. His most recent involvement has been in the direction of the group’s work with automotive component suppliers and the computer industry. This research has focused on the control and quality of product acoustic emissions. Dr. Gaspar has also held various administrative positions within the Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Gaspar is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario (1978). He is also a member of the Canadian Acoustical Association, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Colin Novak Dr. Colin Novak has diverse expertise in the area of industrial and environmental acoustics and vibrations which complements the research and teaching aspects of his career. His present research focus is in the area of Psychoacoustics and Sound Quality which is directed towards several major projects. These include The Development and Standardization of Acoustic Measurement Techniques for automotive components and cabin acoustics.This is partially supported by an Auto21 grant for Improved Acoustic Environment in Future Automobiles. Dr. Novak is a licensed Professional Engineer (1993) and is a member of the Canadian Acoustical Association, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Air Waste Management Association.


Helen Ule
Helen Ule – PhD Candidate
Time Varying Loudness Model Based on Multiple Look.

Jeremy Charbonneau
Jeremy Charbonneau – MASc Candidate
Evaluation of Various Techniques for Determining Stationary and Non-Stationary Loudness.

Mike Bowie
Mike Bowie – MASc Candidate
NVH and Psychoacoustic Properties of Magnesium Alloy Materials for Automotive Applications.

Ryan Daneluzzi
Ryan Daneluzzi – MASc Candidate
Comparative Study of Environmental Noise Mapping Techniques.


Richard Ko – PhD Candidate
Simulation of Sound Quality for Interior Noise Reduction on Hybrid Vehicles.


Nikolina Samardzic – PhD Candidate
Investigation of In-Vehicle Speech Intelligibility Metrics for Normal Hearing and Hearing Impaired Listeners.


Igor Samardzic – MASc Candidate
The Impact of Windshield Subwoofer System on Vehicle Interior Sound Quality.